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VA2C0942 Mica and Amber Chandelier



Grecian Delight Glass House Deco Globe Tudor Revival Arc Pendant
Grecian Delight
Price $840.00
Glass House Deco Globe
Price $1,065.00
VA1C0037 VA1C0062

Starry Night Glass Shade Pendant Marbleized Deco Pendant Carmelized Deco Cone
Carmelized Deco Cone
Our Price: $1,085.00
ON HOLD VA1C0068 VA2C0981
Vestal Ceiling Bowl Dutch Sunset Autumn Diamond Globe
Vestal Ceiling Bowl
Price $925.00
Dutch Sunset
Price $870.00
VA2C0982 VA1C0272

Handkerchief Shade Amber Cylindrical Lantern
Iron Anchor 2-Light
Our Price: $1,165.00
Handkerchief Shade
Price $450.00
VA1C0104 VA1C0295
Blue Cornflower Shade Mackintosh Shade SOLD!
Mackintosh Shade
Price $640.00
VA1C0050 VA1C0106

VA2C0945 VA2C0891 Vintage Greek Key Milk Glass Pendant
Dr. Kildare Pendant
Price $760.00
VA2C0945 VA2C0891 VA1C0655
Black-Eyed Susan Shade Grecian Poise Chinese Glass Lantern
Grecian Poise
Price $1,640.00
Chinese Glass Lantern
Price $1,475.00
VA1C0266 VA1C0224

Glamorous Star Crystal Chandelier Shell Globe Silver Bell
Shell Globe
Price $1,940.00
VA1C0377 VA1C0401

Classic Ivory Golden Ray 4 Tier Butter Cake
Classic Ivory
Price $610.00
Golden Ray
Price $810.00
4 Tier Butter Cake
Price $645.00
VA1C0060 VA1C0072 VA1C0035