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Vintage Enamel Pendants

graphic of enamel pendant light shades fan of color chips for enamel pendant light fixtures
Reclaimed 20th Century Enamel Shades - simple and clean lined designs are fresh and modern today with your choice of colors.

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Garden Room Pendant Bistro Pendant Coach House Light Fixture
Bistro Pendant, 14" diam.
Our Price: $755.00
VA1C0315 VA4C0001 VA4C0002
Commissary Light Editor's Pendant Club House Pendant
VA1C0311 VA1C0312 VA1C0313
Camp Light Studio Reflector Draftsman Light
VA1C0314 VA1C0316

Storehouse Pendant Coronet Light
VA1C0321 VA1C0320
Ample light - 150 watt maximum - suitable anywhere for task lighting with the latest energy efficient light sources.

All fittings are UL listed, made in our milwaukee factory to modern standards with high quality electrical components.

Restoring the largest collection of architectually significant lighting available anywhere means each item is handled by one of our experts, keeping the essence and character of the product intact.

Modifications (such as cord or chain) to suit specific installation requirements available - please inquire at 800-243-9595 or [email protected]