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Vintage Table and Floor Lamps

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small vintage table lamp vintage table lamp vintage table lamp
VA1P001 VA1P003 VA1P010
vintage table lamp vintage table lamp Ssmall vintage table lamp
Framed Table Lamp
Price $745.00

VA1P018 VA1P002
vintage table lamp Danish Wood Combination Lamp Fumed Brass Floor Lamp
VA1P005 VA2P038 VA2P031
SOLD! Polished Brass Floor Lamp Post Modern Nickel lamp

VA2P036 VA2P030
vintage floor lamp Nickel Accent Lamp Boswell's Library Lamp
Nickel Accent Lamp
Price $1,045.00
Boswell's Library Lamp
Price $1,065.00
VA2P037 VA2P034 VA2P023
Deco Atlas Lamp Reeded Stem Sofa Light Crystal Voluted Table Lamp
Deco Atlas Lamp
Price $1,085.00
Reeded Stem Sofa Light
Price $1,140.00
VA2P026 VA2P032 VA1P019
Rose Quartz and Nickel Deco Lamp vintage table lamp Oval Tri Candle Table Lamp
Simple Urn Table Lamp
Price $1,240.00
VA2P040 VA1P015 VA1P022
Classic 3 Candle Nickel Lamp SOLD! ON HOLD
Brass Parlor Lamp
Price $1,340.00

vintage table lamp Danish Nickel Lamp Classic Brass Lamp with Nickel Detail
Danish Nickel Lamp
Price $1,430.00
VA1P016 VA2P035 VA2P029
Half Moon Lamp with Green Shade Two Tiered Deco Lamp Price is for pair
Two Tiered Deco Lamp
Price $1,680.00

VA2P033 VA1P020