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Vintage Holophanes

Holophane Lights: Antique Industrial Pendants

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Our vintage prismatic pendant lights are not reproductions, but decades-old originals salvaged from amphitheaters, factories, naval yards, and other industrial buildings throughout America. They are all original Holophane glass pendant light fixtures. Fully restored and rewired for modern use, they provide outstanding task lighting for kitchen islands, tables & loft spaces. These rare and unique pieces of vintage Holophane glass are fantastic examples of mid-twentieth century industrial art. The crisp, clean prismatic lines create a beautiful glow when illuminated. Increasingly hard to find, with many varied shapes & sizes, all vintage prismatic light fixtures are subject to availability. Read more about the History of Holophanes.

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A vintage Holophane industrial light Engineered glass to be "explosion proof" it is a vintage Holophane light fixture Vintage Holophane glass & frame, pendant light
Baraboo Acorn
Price $835.00
Vintage prismatic Holophane glass with original metal fittings. This original Holophane glass & fittings has a unique design More sizes available: this glass has 2 pieces joined with a clip
VP-101 VP-510 VP-710-1-8
Vintage Prismatic glass with two pieces attached by original clips Vintage Prismatic glass with two pieces attached by original clips Crosscut vintage Holophane glass
VP-710-2-8 VP-710-2-14 VP-410
stepped square crosscut prismatic glass, a vintage Holophane Classic prismatic glass, parallel ribbing, an original Holophane A very unique Holophane shape makes a statement
Edison Holophane
Price $1,280.00
VP-420 VP-430 VP-450
A vintage Holophane light fixture with original metal fittings Two-piece prismatic glass fixture, accented with an arrow on the bottom Unique prismatic glass shape, an Original Holophane
Vintage Holophane
Price $935.00
VP-511 VP-440 VP-435
Vintage Holophane glass & original metal frame fittings 8 inch diam. vintage prismatic glass Extremely unique in the flared shape & soft satin feel
VP-400 VP-908 VP-802
Vintage prismatic holophane shades, elongated & small classic shape dome of prismatic glass A beautiful piece of antique prismatic glass with crosscut ribbing & scalloped edges
VP-61 VP-820 VP-64
7 inch diameter, circa America 1905 A beautiful rounded bell prismatic shade with scalloped edges. A vintage original. VP-66
VP-907 VP-65 VP-66
VP-67 Prismatic Holophane shade, tulip shape, flowering at edges, crosscut glass Antique prismatic glass shade, flared & crosscut


VP-68 Vintage Holophane glass, prismatic onion dome shape A squared prismatic Holophane dome, a unique shape in glass
Small Onion Dome
Our Price: $625.00