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Vintage Holophanes - Medium(10" - 13" wide)

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This original Holophane glass & fittings has a unique design Crosscut vintage Holophane glass stepped square crosscut prismatic glass, a vintage Holophane
VP-510 VP-410 VP-420
Classic prismatic glass, parallel ribbing, an original Holophane A vintage Holophane light fixture with original metal fittings Two-piece prismatic glass fixture, accented with an arrow on the bottom
Vintage Holophane
Price $935.00
VP-430 VP-511 VP-440
Unique prismatic glass shape, an Original Holophane A squared prismatic Holophane dome, a unique shape in glass vintage prismatic glass with a slight grey hue
VP-435 VP-415 VP-800
Vintage metal framed Holophane pendant light, 10 inch glass

We have a large collection of medium sized original vintage Holophane lights. Salvaged antique industrial lights from old theaters, ship yards, etc. restored for modern task lighting. These Holophane prismatic glass pendants are beautiful vintage originals.