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Vintage Holophanes - Large (14" - 16" wide)

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Vintage prismatic Holophane glass with original metal fittings. Vintage Prismatic glass with two pieces attached by original clips A very unique Holophane shape makes a statement
Edison Holophane
Price $1,280.00
VP-101 VP-710-2-14 VP-450
Vintage Holophane glass & original metal frame fittings Extremely unique in the flared shape & soft satin feel A popular prismatic glass from holphane, bell shape & coated interior
VP-400 VP-802 VP-600
Vintage prismatic Holophane light fixture has a wonderful bell shape. Original Holophane glass & reproduction fitter. Vintage Holophane glass pendant light: original glass
VP-106 VP-108

We have a nice size collection of large original vintage Holophane lights. Salvaged antique industrial lights from old theaters, ship yards, etc. restored for modern task lighting. These Holophane prismatic glass pendants are beautiful vintage originals.