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FAQs | Hollywood Glass Bowls

What is Hollywood Bowl Glass?

Where does Hollywood glass come from?

Are fittings included?

Are the metal rods/stems original antiques?

Are Hollywood Bowls One-of-a-kind?

Can I get two or more of the same exact bowl?

What era are these from?

What type of wattage can be used?

Are Hollywood Bowls UL listed?

What interior design styles are suitable for Hollywood Bowls?

In what rooms do you recommend using Hollywood Bowls for light?

What finishes are available for the fittings (metal rods/stem and canopy)?

For a specific glass bowl, can I request a different metal finish than pictured?

The bowl shown is too long for my ceiling height. Are other lengths available?

I like the fitting style shown on another bowl. Can I get those instead?