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Vintage Originals - Moderne and Machine Age Lighting

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Vintage Holophane glass & original metal frame fittings Antique industrial lighting, original Holophane glass & metal framework has been rewired for modern usage. In the Rough
VP-400 VP-111 VA2C0805
In the Rough In the Rough SOLD!
VA2C0807 VA2C0810

In the Rough Dramatic Geometric Chandelier VA2C0942


Pirandello's  Crystal Chandelier Gold Tri Band Shade Orient Express Pendant
Gold Tri Band Shade
Price $490.00

VA1C0040 VA1C0066
Golden Pagoda Shade SOLD! Coronet Light
Golden Pagoda Shade
Price $590.00

Deco Dream Art Glass Pendant VA2C0945
Deco Dream
Price $735.00
Art Glass Pendant
Price $760.00
Dr. Kildare Pendant
Price $760.00
VA1C0019 VA1C0055 VA2C0945
A vintage Holophane industrial light Operating Theater Pendant Marbleized Deco Pendant
Baraboo Acorn
Price $835.00
VP-500-1 VA1C0103 VA1C0068
Art Moderne Chandelier Sleek Cascade Chandelier SOLD!
VA1C0426 VA1C0424

Giants Causeway Pendant Engineered glass to be "explosion proof" it is a vintage Holophane light fixture French Soufle' Globe
French Soufle' Globe
Please call for pricing $930.00
VA1C0240 VP-500-2 VA1C0084
Extremely unique in the flared shape & soft satin feel Vintage prismatic Holophane glass with original metal fittings. Vintage metal framed Holophane pendant light, 10 inch glass
VP-802 VP-101 VP-100