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Vintage Originals - By Price Range (Under $500)

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ONLY 1 AVAILABLE! Pair of vintage fireplace items Gramercy Park Globe
Gramercy Park Globe
Price $385.00
VA1W0062 VA1A048 VA1C0049
Acorn Globe Gallic Diamond Shade Apothecary Shade
Acorn Globe
Price $420.00
Apothecary Shade
Price $430.00
VA1C0092 VA1C0178 VA1C0113
Handkerchief Shade Petite Flower Forget-Me-Not
Handkerchief Shade
Price $450.00
Petite Flower
Price $460.00
Price $460.00
VA1C0104 VA1C0273 VA1C0274
Amber Shire Globe Blue Cornflower Shade ONLY 1 AVAILABLE!
Amber Shire Globe
Price $460.00

VA1C0050 VA1W0057
Speakeasy Shade Black-Eyed Susan Shade Hothouse Flower Dome
Speakeasy Shade
Price $465.00

Pantry Globe Layered Leaves Pink Highland Blue Shade
Pantry Globe
Price $470.00
Layered Leaves Pink
Price $470.00
Highland Blue Shade
Price $470.00
VA1C0185 VA1C0256 VA1C0270
Umbrella Shade Amber Castaway Glass Sky Blue Shade
Umbrella Shade
Price $470.00
Sky Blue Shade
Price $480.00
VA1C0107 VA1C0081 VA1C0254
Aqua Band Shade Pie Crust Shade Milk Glass Dome
Aqua Band Shade
Price $480.00
Pie Crust Shade
Price $480.00
Milk Glass Dome
Price $485.00
VA1C0257 VA1C0105 VA1C0108
VA1C0110 Pansy Bell Shade VA2C0755
Cafe Shade
Price $485.00
Pansy Bell Shade
Price $490.00
Chrysler Globe
Price $490.00
VA1C0110 VA1C0267 VA2C0755
VA2C0756 Gold Tri Band Shade Mount Olympus Globe
Gold Tri Band Shade
Price $490.00
Mount Olympus Globe
Price $490.00
VA2C0756 VA1C0040 VA1C0043